About the Campaign

‘Who We Once Were’ is a campaign that takes place on the world of Kalrundur, a gas giant home to many continental bodies that drift across it’s surface, called ‘the aether’ to its residents. Kalrundur is home to three main continents and many chains of islands that can be connected to each other via bodies of water that float aloft in the aether or maybe the only way to reach them is via airship. Traversing this planet is half the adventure and danger. Don’t go into this campaign expecting Faerun. You’re on a whole other world. A full map of the world will be uploaded eventually, once I figure out how to make one. Until then, bear with me.

I’d love to try to explain the story itself, but I’m not one for spoilers. I use a blend of action, adventure, horror, roleplaying, and drama to create a dynamic game that you all should enjoy. The only thing I ask from you is to have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Slowly but surely, I’ll have a list of homebrew and house rules here.

1) XP System: This is something I’m debating. I may use XP in this game for leveling up, but you won’t just get XP for combat. I’ll reward players in increments of 100 for certain acts. Good roleplaying, a spectacular roll, finding a solution that I didn’t even think about, that sort of thing. Other
2) Homebrew: I for one like homebrew and encourage players to consider it if they are having a hard time making a character they like. For those of you who don’t know ‘homebrew’ means Dungeons and Dragons rules, classes, feats, and such that are created for players, by players. I suggest looking to Giant in the Playground forums for a good source of homebrew or if you want to discuss character builds. All I ask is if you want to use homebrew, clear it with me first. I generally approve unless it clashes with the campaign (A Super Sayian base class does exist) or it’s horribly broken (So does a Superman one).

This part of the wiki will be updated daily as the campaign progresses, cataloging new houserules or homebrew, or anything that needs to be said.

About the Campaign

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